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  • Welcome to the new SSANSA website
    SSANSA is a network of civil society organizations from across the ten states of South Sudan campaigning against armed violence in South Sudan
  • Stop arms supplies to South Sudan
    We call all to stop sending arms and ammunition and instead send food and basic health kits

Policies & Instruments of Arms Control

We advocate for robust national policy and legislative frameworks for control of small arms and light weapons (SALW), frameworks that are underpinned by human rights and rule of law.

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Community Security

Widespread insecurity is a current phenomenon in South Sudan. This problem manifests inform of cold blood murders, highway robberies, cattle rustling, inter-communal violence, interpersonal violence, and brutality by some members of the security

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Civilian Disarmament

South Sudan is awash with Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW). These arms have been misused by both civilians and member of the organized forces.The weapons in the hands of civilians are not only a legacy of the protracted civil war ..

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Q&A – South Sudan: A nation awash with arms

Recent fighting in South Sudan’s Unity State between government troops and opposition forces has placed civilians at renewed risk and once again threatened the shaky cessation of hostilities agreement signed […]

Over 20 Human Rights and Civil Society Organizations write to AU Commission of Inquiry regarding arms transfers to South Sudan warring parties.

17 South Sudanese civil society organizations and five other international organizations have today submitted a letter to the secretariat of AU commission of inquiry on South Sudan. The letter seeks […]

SSANSA with more than 30 other organizations call for immediate arms embargo on South Sudan

(September 4, 2014) – The South Sudan Action Network on Small Arms (SSANSA) together with 34 other South Sudanese and international organizations have signed a petition that was delivered to […]

Over 50 NGOs call regional governments to press UN for Arms Embargo on South Sudan

(Juba, November 5, 2014) – South Sudan’s neighbors should urgently call for the United Nations Security Council to establish an arms embargo to stem gruesome violations in the country’s devastating […]

Civil society groups across the Great Lakes & Horn of Africa commemorate those killed in the South Sudan crisis.

(NAIROBI, 15 December, 2014) – Today, it is exactly one year since the South Sudan – Africa’s and the world’s newest state – descended into civil war. Civil society organizations […]


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