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The CSSAC Magazine facilitates information sharing among the Civil Society and other relevant stakeholders including government agencies on issues of Community Security and Control of Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW) in South Sudan. The purpose is to contribute to the search for viable and sustainable solutions to the problem of gun violence particularly citizens’ insecurity caused by the proliferation and misuse of SALW in South Sudan and the region. The magazine provides updates on regional and international SALW processes relevant to South Sudan, brings policy relevant commentaries and analysis on community security and arms control, share recent developments in the field of SALW control and community insecurity.   The magazine forms part of SSANSA’s knowledge production focus that aims at contributing to informed decision-making on policies and initiatives regarding arms control and community security. The magazine covers a wide range of themes and issues including grassroots initiatives for community security, demilitarization of society, civilian disarmament, reforms in law enforcement institutions, non-state armed groups, inter-personal and inter-communal violence. The CSSAC Magazine will be published annually. An online space for sustained dialogue on SALW control and related community security issues will be available at www.cssac-forum.com View previous Issues

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